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Glaucoma Care

Glaucoma is a condition related to the eyes. It is, in fact, a group of eye disorders characterized by a progressive damage to the optic nerve. The gradual loss of nerve tissue leads to blurred vision and vision loss.

In fact, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. Both the types of glaucoma – open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma – are linked to an increased intraocular fluid pressure in the eye, which may cause damage to the optic nerve.

Glaucoma is a common condition in India and abroad. But still, a majority of patients may still not know that they have it. For example, 3 million people in the US alone have glaucoma. But nearly half of them are still unaware of it.

This article discusses everything about glaucoma, from its causes to diagnosis and treatment. In addition, it explores how common glaucoma is in India and around the world and why India should be the preferred destination for glaucoma treatment.


Researchers around the world are still unsure of the exact cause of glaucoma disease. A majority of cases are, however, categorized as primary or secondary glaucoma.

A patient is known to suffer from primary glaucoma when their condition cannot be linked to any specific known cause. On the other hand, secondary glaucoma has a direct cause, including the following:







Patients can avail best glaucoma treatment in India as any multi-specialty or eye care hospital. The Indian hospitals are renowned for their advanced infrastructure and treatment facilities, especially when it comes to the treatment of eye-related disorders.

The approach for treatment depends on the type of glaucoma that the patient has. In the case of open-angle glaucoma, the patient is treated on an emergency basis. The patient is first given a medication to reduce the pain in the eye.

Next, a procedure called iridotomy is conducted to reduce the pressure inside the eye. During iridotomy, a hole is created in the eye to make the fluid enter the optical drainage system. This way, the pressure inside the eye is relieved.

This procedure is usually performed on both the eyes even when only one of them is affected. This is because it spreads to the other eye as well sooner or later in the case of open-angle glaucoma.

The treatment for closed-angle glaucoma typically includes the use of following strategies:

Eye Drops: Eye drops are usually the first line of treatment advised by a doctor in the case of glaucoma. However, the use of eye drops may sometimes cause a few side effects such as retinal detachment, changes in the color of the eye, redness, and stinging sensation.

Trabeculoplasty: This is a surgical procedure conducted with the help of a laser. During this surgery, a laser beam is used to clear the drainage passage so that excess fluid inside the eye can eliminate easily.

Viscocanalostomy: During this surgery, the channels inside the eye are opened manually to improve drainage of the fluid. This is conducted only when laser surgery fails to achieve desirable results.

Aqueous Shunt Implant: This approach is mostly followed in children. A tiny silicone tube is attached to the eye to drain excess fluid and reduce pressure inside it.

Cyclophotocoagulation: This procedure targets the middle layer of the eye that produces fluid inside the eye. The main intention of this procedure is to reduce the production of the fluid.

The best eye hospitals in India offer all these approaches for the treatment of glaucoma. A line of treatment is suggested to the patient after a thorough assessment of his or her condition.

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